Art and Craft

Kiddleworld Art & Craft is sequential learning with the basic elements of art. Each lesson is linked with the elements of art. Shapes, proportions, colours, values, shadings, textures and perspectives are the foundation for learning and art of drawing and painting.

The book contains 80% of the Art work to enable the children focus on the sequential learning.
The element of art has been taught with the steps process wherever possible.
There are some interactive task for the children on almost every page.
A large variety of innovative and creative activities.
Easy instructions with pictures for each activity.
Use of various art techniques – thumb impression, paper collage, tearing & pasting, etc.
Step-by-step guidance for craft activities.
Material kit with every book to facilities with learning.
Skills that will be developed by children have been mentioned in every activity.
Amazing facts related to the activities have been provided.