English Grammar

English Grammar with comprehension and composition’ is a well-knitted grammar series from Grade I to Grade VIII, which aims to enable the learners to attain the four skills of language learning; listening, speaking, writing and reading. Recent researches suggest the concentration on activity- oriented classroom situations and the cognitive effect in a child to develop language skills, are cared for in this series, with a higher note. The child psychology of deductive and inductive methods based on visionary effects and practices are combined in this grammar series. This grammar series aims at teaching and learning English Grammar through the play way method. All the grammar concepts are introduced through interesting and relevant examples with worksheets in every chapter. The grammar rules are set down simply and clearly for further reinforced tasks and activities.

This series fulfils the need oftheNCERT curriculum and is mapped with the parameters based on the pedagogy of New Education Policy (NEP). Each book of this series has chapters based on Computational Thinking, Experiential Learning, Art Integration, Critical Thinking, Life Skills and Values, Creativity, Subject Enrichment, and Inter-Disciplinary.

Extensive Exercises: This series contains an extensive number of exercises based on the leaming of the chapters. The activities in each lesson and the vocabulary exercises enrich the standard of English at that level.
Life Skills: This section incorporates daily-life skills such as communication, application and letter writing to address the student’s needs in required fields.
Let Us Revise: This section encapsulates the learning of the previous grade.
Activity-based Worksheets: There is a worksheet after every 5 chapters. This is for self-assessment of students after completion of each section. The worksheets after every fifth chapter also add an additional benefit to the students for practice.
Fun with Words: This section is given to enhance the vocabulary of students.
Brain Wave: This section is given at the end of each chapter. It provides a revisit to the learnings obtained from the chapter.
Composition: The composition section of each book is related to the standard and level of the grade. It helps students to improve their writing skills.
Comprehension: The comprehension section aims to develop reading and writing skills. The exercises linked with the passage develop inferential abilities and the understanding ability of the students.
Teacher’s Vision: This section is given for additional leaming of students with the help of their teacher.