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“Brainiac” series aims to connect learners with their surroundings. The learners will become curious, confident, excited and more aware while doing the enjoyable activities in the books of this series. The series will help the learners to become well informed and equipped to display their knowledge, strengths and talents. 

“Brainiac” series is designed for students of Grades 1 to 8. It is integrated with the school curriculum in manifold aspects be it Science, Environmental Studies, Mathematics, English, Social Studies or more. It also gives an insight into sports, entertainment, sci-tech and other creative aspects of life. The lessons prepared in the series are fun-based that interestingly impart knowledge, which helps the learners to remember what they have studied.

This series fulfils the need of the NCERT curriculum and is mapped with the parameters based on the pedagogy of New Education Policy (NEP).Each book of this series has chapters based on Computational Thinking, Experiential Learning, Art Integration, Critical Thinking, Life Skills and Values, Creativity, Subject Enrichment, and Inter Disciplinary.

Illustration and Photographs: This series uses beautifully well-thought-out illustrations and photographs to explain as well as assess students.
Current Affairs: Each book of this series covers the latest current affairs information.
Test Your IQ: This section tests students’ IQ levels. Each book has been divided into units with a further split of chapters.
Let’s Review: Assessment and evaluation have been taken care of by the ‘Test Papers’ given at the end of each book.
Did You Know/ Knowledge Bank: In books of Grades 1 to 5, each chapter has a ‘Did You Know?‘ section which carries fascinating facts related to the content of the chapter. Similarly, in the books of Grades 6 to 8, along with the ‘Did You Know?‘ section inside the chapters, an additional ‘Knowledge Bank‘ has been given at the end of each unit. It contains fascinating facts about the theme of the unit.